Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just the Facts, Ma'am: Back on the Farm

Compiled by John M. Mullen, Mullen Feature Syndicate, Lincolnton, North Carolina, 1936.
Realizing that to publish the Story of Texas in narrative form would require a book of many pages, we have chosen, for the sake of brevity, an interesting Question and Answer method...
This was the first of many EVENTUAL finds in Arkansas.

I had but one day to explore Jonesboro-- a city of 67,000+ folks with no real honest to goodness used book stores but more flea markets per square mile than I've ever seen in my life. Sad but true.

No offense to all y'all Arkansans out there, but y'all make Mississippians look down right cultured!

You know what else is sad but true? The one little vase with violets I picked up in a junk store thrift market somewhere west of Jonesboro was all wrapped up in newspaper and tucked away under the seat. I made it a point to sequester it thusly so to keep it from harm. And when we got back to the Farm, and I was doing my part to unload the truck, I dropped the danged bag just inside the door. Shatter. 

Anywhoo... . We are back on the Farm. 

We heard tell that the dogs missed us something frightful. Wouldn't eat. Missy cried herself to sleep or some such. 

This is sad. Daughter C and Miss M care for them so well. Those dogs are going to have to buck up. I did get a kick out of Missy jumping up on me-- something she never does-- but Missy. Seriously. I am not going to be able to take you to LA. You are going to have to figure out how to manage this. Daughter C and Miss M will help you. 



 "No. Marica. I heard my name. I did miss you ever so much." 

"I missed you, too, Missy!"


"And you, too, boy!"


"I'm glad to be home."

"Oh! Marica! We are-- may I speak for you as well, my dear friend?"


"We are so glad you are home! But now that I am snuggled here on the couch in the den, I am feeling a little ashamed."

"Do tell."

"Well. We were not particularly... . What I mean to say is that in light... . Gosh, Marica. I think Rocky and I didn't really ... we weren't all that nice to Caroline & Margaret. At every turn, they were sweet to us. And we-- and by "we" I mean "I"-- . Oh my! Oh Marica. I feel so badly."

"I think I understand what you are trying to say, Missy. You were challenged, and in retrospect, you don't think your best behavior shined."


"THAT's IT!"

"Okay, then. In coming days and weeks, you'll have more opportunities to behave appropriately . Make of them what you will."

"Goodnight, Marica. I love you."


"Good night, Rocky. I love you, too!"



  1. I am glad that you made through the Ark o.k. I am also glad to see, that based on the conversations you have with the dogs that you will be in the padded room next to mine.

  2. At least you didn't call it a padded "cell!"


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