Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Few Good Books

The Tower

in no particular order
UPDATE (7:40am): Something's wrong. Things aren't looking as they should. I'm working on it.

Part of the fun of collecting old books is in the finding of old books. Part of the fun in that is poking around different corners of the world, discovering what each has to offer. (I once discovered a copy of Eats, Shoots & Leaves-- why commas really do make a difference-- in a used book store just off Semmelweis Ut. in Budapest. Great book. Gave it away. Haven't found another copy since.) In this regard, Jonesboro was a disappointment. Usually there's a local flair to the offerings. If there was one in northeast Ark. I failed to appreciate it.

The seven Poli-Sci books were free-- picked up from a "Free Books" table to which A. Leland drew my attention in Memphis. Most of the remainder were from a Palmer Home type charity store called "Abilities" in downtown J'boro. Not that they each weren't worth $0.50 but... Ho Hum.


The most interesting find wasn't a book. The Rubaiyat is a 2-record set recorded in 1946. Ralph Bellamy-- a Broadway star?-- recorded the poems. 


Maybe someday we'll look into getting Daughter C's record player up and spinning.

I am happy to have found the classic, The Peter Principle. I did a term paper on that in high school back in the crappy old days when we typed term papers on typewriters. Mine were, naturally, always quite excellent. (49/50 but -5, -5, -5 for being late late late.)

The Tower is a bit too unwieldy to deconstruct at this hour, but if memory serves, The Handbook of Flowering Plants still includes fungi. Sellars confirms this in The Essentials Logic chapter devoted to dichotomous thinking or something. (It's Sellars' father's logic text. That factoid amused for about 30 minutes.)

I now have three Work-Play books! The first I inscribed with my name some years ago. 

Other that that... Ho Hum. 

But you know what? I have more than a few good books in my little library. They may come in handy down the line. 

I'm presently reading Jane Eyre.

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