Saturday, February 15, 2014

Portugese Chicken in a Clay Pot: A Photo

This was very good. There's a previous post about Portuguese Chicken in a Clay Pot.  We've had a lot of good food lately and I am behind on posting recipes. Expect a barrage come Monday. I've already started my list of "RECIPES NEEDED" (I tend to write in all caps) based on photographs of food for which I have not posted a recipe. I will add to it and leave it on Mr. Big Food's desk. He will look at it and keep it in mind.

Like magic (!) on Monday morning there will be an email to me from Mr. Big Food in my in box. Its subject line will be "Recipes." I have over 50 some such emails in my in box. I will open this email and open all of the attached Word docx's. I will then go find the associated photos. And I will begin to post recipes.

Please note that Monday's posting of recipes will be concurrent with Monday's replacing of belt that spins the dryer drum. Miss M had to hang her clothes on the line today. And over the picnic table. And on a little 2'x2' sweater drying contraption atop the "mint garden." Wash Day can be complicated.

I spent the day reading a crappy old book.

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