Saturday, February 8, 2014

An Early Spring Saturday Supper

As Mr. Big Food was b-b-qing chicken over applewood, he dictated to me the recipe for this broccoli salad. I took it down as it was more than I could have remembered in my head.
The one on the right-- the one without the hardboiled eggs-- is Miss M's. 

I did not take a picture of the leftover slaw from last night's mini-fish-fry. Mr. Big Food thought it needed to be more Carolina style, so he spun them both-- the vegan and non-vegan versions, in that order-- through the food processor. It was good. Good slaw is always better leftover.

I did get a photograph of the chicken.
Miss & I spent a considerable amount of time today fussing about the table. I had bought a new tablecloth and napkins. I was in the process of setting the table right nice when I remembered we were having bar-b-qued chicken over applewood tonight. 

We explored some possibilities. We came up empty.

That's when we decided that maybe we should eat in the living room.

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