Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Mom, can we eat in the living room?"

Yesterday we were under a WINTER STORM WARNING

As of 1:30pm yesterday 
  • accuweather was predicting sleet and rain over night and snow and sleet this morning.
  • weather.com  "     "                 a wintery mix    "      "       "     into this morning.
  • weather.gov   "     "                  "  "            "         "      "       "      "     "     ".
  • weather underground " "      ice pellets          "      "       "       "    "     ".
I know this because I wrote it all down in the form of a nice little table that included forecast highs and low, chance of precipitation, and so on. There was general agreement among the various forecasting entities that we could expect 1/4" of ice and possibly up to 3" of snow.

Given all of these predictions, State called off school for today at about noon or so yesterday.


You know what that means, don't you?

Super Mario Brothers!
After supper

of onions with sage stuffing

and sauteed broccoli
we joined them in the living room. They had muted the volume and were listening to the Beatles while they played. 

Filed under "Big Life on the Farm."

There's some talk of playing dominoes tonight!

In case you are wondering, it did ice. I'd say we got about 0.001 of an inch. "They are still trying to salvage the forecast ("they" have no shame) and are now predicting snow this afternoon and evening.

Wonder if State will cancel classes for tomorrow, too? Stay tuned.

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