Friday, May 30, 2014

2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate?

We've had some rain and cooler weather so I've been opening the windows in the Den the last few evenings.

Missy does love to look out the window.
Occasionally, something on the wind will capture her attention 
and she will signal to Rocky that he should come running & pay attention, too.
And then he gets bored and hops back up on the bed b/c he doesn't smell anything.
"Please forgive me, but I've had quite enough."

"'Enough' of what, Missy?"

"Well. You know. I know Rocky has a job."

"That's right. His job is to guard the joint. He is a Vicious Pit Bull."


"But you know what? I am trying to have a job, too. I am trying to guard the joint, too, Marica! Pardon me for being so bold, but you have no idea how many evil vicious smelly things there are out there wandering around your garden."


"I know. There are armadillos and possums."

"Do you know how foul-- is that the right word? Fowl? they smell?"


"And all the while I am trying to guard your vegetables from these evil... ."


"And I bark in my robust bark and you think it's cute... .  I quit. You don't appreciate the danger I signal. You don't appreciate the work I do. I am under appreciated. I quit. I am just gonna be a fat and lazy dog like that dawg on heyhaw."

"Oh! No! Please don't quit, Missy."


"Mr. Big Food saved some of the fat from that roast for you."




  1. Missy can't quit being my sister!

  2. Oh sister, we appreciate you and all your attempts to warn us of evil fowl!


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