Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prepping 101

After a while, you learn to take these things in stride. 
Here's an expert:

"The earthquake is inevitable. The only question is when," said Lucy Jones, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. "It might not be another 50 years. Maybe even 100. Chances of us making it through the 21st century without the earthquake is very small.”
"Chances of us making it...  is very small." Are you reading that? I can't even on my worst day of not paying attention to what I was saying imagine saying that without at least hearing it and and immediately correcting it. 

That said, shit earthquakes-- just like tornadoes and snow & ice storms and hurricanes-- happens and you'd better be prepared for it them.

If you are prepared, you can get back to normal quicker. 

So if you're wiped out, but have photos-- stored not at you're wiped out house-- of all of your stuff (including serial numbers for valuables), the insurance claim goes quicker.

And if you are prepared, you will have accumulated the stuff you need to survive as close to normally as you can while you await real normal. Or, need to pack up as you exit. 

You need to have an exit strategy. Just think things through.

I need to fire up the generator. 

OMG! We went to the Army Navy Store in S'vegas the other day! 

By the way-- we do have an earthquake rider on our homeowner's policy. Sue, at State Farm, looked at me kinda funny like. Why do you need earthquake insurance? If I was selling insurance in the Deep South Bible Belt, I would be selling earthquake insurance four ways from Sunday.

MEMPHIS earthquake. Look it up. 

P.S. for Mr. Low Man-- I'm gonna need a hand later, after A. Leland leaves. Interested? 


  1. We were just discussing exit strategies the other day. My grandmother printed off emergency earthquake kit info to go along with the information you sent us. Now yo get the off road vehicle up and going and we'll be set.

    1. Don't forget the walking shoes & bicycles.


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