Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quart #4

Garden News:

I'll remember to take some photos tomorrow.

Things are coming along nicely.

I've dried almost 4 quarts of oregano. I did have to move the drying operation outside because 8 hours of drying really heats up the kitchen.

We will have garden peas. That is exciting.

We are looking for a pea sheller for the blackeyes.

As you know, we have lettuce. And we have carrots.

Carrots are odd. You think you have carrots and you pull something up and realize that you don't yet have carrots. And then-- one day-- you have carrots!

I am much prettier in real life.


  1. The carrots are incredible! And that is such a cute picture of you. Though you are right, it certainly doesn't do you justice!

  2. You are pretty! And so is that carrot!!


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