Thursday, May 22, 2014

For My Republican Friends & Family

And for my Democratic and Libertarian and Tea Party and Low-Fo Friends, too. (I want to be inclusive.)

I am scouring my library for what I think are interesting things-- quotes, etc.-- to convey as we approach Memorial Day, which used to be called Decoration Day.

I've already posted a few!

Today I wore an old T-shirt of Mr. Big Food's to work in the garden. Wouldn't you know, our County Supervisor showed up in prompt response to Mr. Big Food's call. It's a black T-shirt with red & white lettering. It says. 


"What would Reagan do?"

OMG! He's going to think I'm a Republican!

What could be worse? He's going to think we all all Republicans! 

Any how. That reminded me of a crappy old book I have. 

History teaches that wars begin when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap.
--Address to the Nation, U.S.Allies, and the Soviet Union,
The White House, January 6, 1984

 See. This is so corny you just have to believe it.

On page 284...

The Quotable Ronald Reagan. Peter Hannaford, compliler and ed.; Regnery Publishing, Inc., Washington, D.C.; 1998.

Coming up on Decoration Day. 

Y'all know it started in Columbus, Mississippi-- right?

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