Sunday, May 11, 2014

“Ding! My Quiche is Ready!”

            Surprise! It’s a Mother’s Day guest blog post!
            When we were little girls playing house or kitchen or whatever it is we played, Daughter C would whip up the occasional imaginary quiche. When the chimerical culinary creation was ready, the “oven timer”, played by Daughter C, would alert all those within ear-shot with the piercing cry “Ding! My quiche is ready!”. Sure, most kids play pretend house and kitchen but do they all make pretend quiche? I doubt it. This sort of creativity is probably something unique to my mother’s daughters.
            Though her imaginary quiche was no doubt delicious, I don’t think Daughter C has ever actually made a quiche in real life. Kat, however, has probably made dozens of such creations. She is quite the cook. Luckily, Kat is “on call” for consults when Daughter C or I try to whip up some real food (thanks to Mr. Big Food’s handy work we don’t do this too often). Hopefully she’ll be available tomorrow as I attempt to make my very first Quiche Loraine in honor of Mother’s Day.
            Who deserves a Mother’s Day brunch more than Mrs. Big Food? She works harder than anyone I know. Mrs. Big Food works full time growing our food, keeping our home, caring for our pets, preserving our memories and history. For all of this work, she receives no salary and often no thanks but she continues to do it. To you, she may be just another blogger but to us she’s a real life hero, an inspiration, and the best mom there ever was.
            Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
                                   -Miss M


  1. What a marvelous Mother's Day gift!! Excellent post, Miss M! Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Big Food :). Love you!!

  2. Wonderfully said Miss M. Happy mother's day Mrs. Big Food! Miss you guys!!

  3. And you're right, miss M, I've never made a real quiche! But I'm a culinary genius of imaginary quiches!

  4. Indeed, Daughter C. You're a virtuoso of virtual vittles!

  5. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful guest post! So thoughtful... . Thank you Miss M.

    And thanks to all for the Mother's Day wishes.

    I'm having a great day!! Thank you.

    Quiche was superb, by the way. :-) Thank you thank you!

  6. I love it! I vividly remember C baking her quiches. These were typically baked sometime after we were put to bed but before we fell asleep. Once the timer dinged, C would walk to her downstairs kitchen (tucking her head under the covers and knock on the headboard for footsteps). I thought it was amazing that she had a kitchen in her bed, but I didn't. C'est la vie. I've certainly seen my fair share of kitchens since then, though none so amazing as to be hidden in a bed.

    I hope Miss M's real quiche turns out as well as this lovely guest post did!

  7. And Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!!

  8. Most eloquently put dear. Happy late Mother's Day.

  9. Yay, to all of this: the pretend quiches, the real one, the blog post, the daughters, and certainly the mom! You are all great. Happy belated Mother's Day!


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