Friday, May 2, 2014

Hard copy

"This is a f Un & people need to start acting like adults."
I leave the translation to you. At issue was the University's decision to cancel classes at 3pm last Monday. Miss M got the email about half way to campus at about 2:50. She called to vent. 

I couldn't agree with her more! I had the same problem during the Girls' kindergarten signup. Sure. Schools have teachers whose job it is to teach the three Rs. But schools should also be models. This is how groups of kids & parents & teachers self-organize. But to just welcome 60 little kids and their parents to your school and say, "Go find you name on a door," seemed a little unorganized to me. We got that fixed.

The higher ups at State blew it. And then they blew it in the other direction the next day. 


The point of the post is that nothing substitutes for a hard copy. See? My scribble of Miss M's tirade is a hard copy of a tiny little point in time. 

Daughter C has been sending me photos of Flyover Land. 

If someone knows how to move messaged photos on my phone to my computer so that I can print a hard copy of them, I would be thankful if you would send along instruction. 


  1. I think you can email them to yourself from your phone. Google it for your android and see exactly how to do it

  2. When your flight takes you low over big cities during the dark hours, it's cool to look down and notice all the gold and silver light spots (usually over parking lots). The gold colored ones are high pressure sodium, the silver ones are metal halides. Really dark gold ones are low pressure sodium, but there aren't very many of those these days.

    When you get saturated with lighting stuff, you get a little weird...!

    1. I know what you mean. I did enjoy flying when I flew a lot. That's not true. I enjoyed looking out the window.

      Hey C--! Matt needs to read this.


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