Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Wonder What's It Is Like to be Delusional

I never wonder what it's like to be a bat, but I swear, I some times wonder what it must be like to wander around so deluded that you think this book is worth $20.

1934. It's not a real Webster's Dictionary-- and it says so on the title page!
I thought it would be fun to scout the little antique stores of Bay St. Louis. So after the morning fishing, and a wonderful-- and remarkably inexpensive-- lunch at the Blind Tiger, I dropped Mr. Big Food off at the flea bag* (took a nap) and commenced to scouting antique shops.

Outside the Blind Tiger
Inside the Blind Tiger. $4 Abita on draft. On the beach!
(Why Bay St. Louis isn't crawling with beach-goers is a mystery to me. STAY AWAY. There's oil in the water. We don't want you here. We like it that Abita on tap is $4.)

At the antique stores I found again and again something truly antithetical to the market. Or maybe not. Or maybe folks are delusional.

The antique stores had mostly over-priced things in which I had no interest. I like pottery and silver and silver plate and crappy old cooking stuff just as much as the next guy. But it's all over-priced. So although I cast a long look, I was mostly interested in the books. 

I was excited to see that dictionary-- even though it wasn't a real Websters' edition, it would have filled a gap in my dictionary collection. I even went so far as to call Miss M to do a spot of research. As she was answering, I was approaching the counter to ask if the "$20" was correct. Simultaneously, M answered and the lady said "yes" and I laughed and hung up on M.

In what universe it this dilapidated truly crappy falling apart worth not even a dollar old book worth $20? 

Just because a book is old doesn't make it worth money, Hon.

We've enjoyed our anniversary visit to the Coast. And I'm happy to say that although the fishing left something to desired-- we didn't catch many-- my little excursion turned out to be a great success.

I've long prided myself on my ability to pack 10 pounds of crappy old books into a 5 pound bag.
The sign on the table read, "$1/book or $5/bag." Mngt provided the bags. Would it be cruel of me to go back tomorrow? Before we leave? There is that 24 volume set of something. 

Na. Let it go. 

*Fleabag. This is a fishing tradition.  What do you require of a room where you sleep when you go fishing? Not much.

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