Friday, October 25, 2013

A Funny Exchange In Lubbock

I'm in the middle of writing up events of the day. 36 hours ago I bought a pack of cigs. I still have some. I know from past experiences on the road, if I don't record my impressions while I'm on the road, I'll over-think them by the time I get back to the farm.

But a need a break. So I, in my regulation flannel jammies and a big long coat sweater go to smoke a cig. But I have no matches. I go to the desk. I apologize for my attire. She says, "Hon, don't worry. You're at home here."

And I say, "Please don't take this wrong, Hon. But if I were at home, the dogs would be up there in our room."

She laughed. She must have dogs.


  1. I am officially jealous I'm not there.

    1. I get it. there's a remedy. To the farm you must go.


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