Thursday, October 17, 2013

Call Me Up! (updated with citation)

From Whys and Wherefores, William Dodge Lewis and Albert Lindsay Rowland, The John C. Winston Company, Chicago &c., 1930.

You are in the 5th Grade. You have forgotten what the arithmetic assignment is. What can you do about it?

If you have a telephone... . Does this presume that if you do not have a telephone, you're screwed on your arithmetic assignment?
See. The makers of technology always want you to think you are screwed if you don't have their technology. If you don't have on your phone, you'd not have been able to pull up the definition of anathema and save A. Leland from making a definitional mistake. Therefore, having on your handheld or mobile device is necessary. False.

"This is Margaret speaking."
Ah yes. Those were the days.

Red hair.

Let's bring back courtesy to the pocket dial. "I'm ever so sorry to have intruded. It was a pocket dial. Good day!"
"The telephone companies prefers this." No kidding. And all the easier to record you.

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