Thursday, October 31, 2013

I was met with astonishment

when I asked if we'd become weary of the word-of-the-day & sentence-of-the day. Of course, they want to continue. They don't manage the game. They just have to come up with sentences.

Which is fine by me. I'm insensate.
Despite my repeated attempts to interest the lump of granite before me in my ruminations about the origins of worlds, it remained insensate.
--A. Leland.

Those who study history know it is insensate to believe the future will be otherwise.

The insensate plebeian shrugged at the latest outrage.
--Mr. Big Food

What an insensate bitch!
--Miss M
And tonight's winner is once again, Daughter C. She matched the word with the day.
The ghost walked through the wall, into the room; she was cold, insensate.
--Daughter C

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