Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'll Go First

My sentence last evening was so dull and unimaginative that I didn't include it among the others. I felt it my duty to my fellow sentence-writers to be more painstaking this evening. So here goes:
His latest actions went beyond fulsome-- they showed such a degree of turpitude that the community could no longer be clement or offer him absolution; they treated him as anathema.

Why is my own sister anathema in my daily life?
--Miss M

I am a bit chary because the word tonight is anathema to me, so I'll just give 'em the gist of it.
--Daughter C

[The President's] self-adulation and moral hubris made him an anathema among all free-thinking Americans.
--A. Leland

An armed citizenry is an anathema to politicians who long for an easy tyranny.
--Mr. Big Food

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