Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hum. No one had a sentence with the words "amplitude" or "frequency." Oh well. AM/FM is so ubiquitous these days. It's probably fulsome to flaunt... .

Moving on... .
"Modulate your aberrant behavior!" exclaimed the young academic couple to their misbehaving 2-year old.
--Mr. Big Food

You can tell Penny is being sardonic when her voice will modulate.
--Daughter C

Some might say that politicians have a particularly acute capacity to modulate their views depending on their audience, but others would say they are chronic charlatans
--A. Leland
My sentence was so prosaic it would pain me to re-write it here. I ask absolution.

As you can see, Daughter C and A. Leland have taken the suggestion that we incorporate erstwhile words of the day into current sentences. 

Good job!

We've been at this since September 16th. We've missed only three days. That's some hard-core sticktoitivness.

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