Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Recipe: Corn Chowder II (Veganizable)

Add a fresh green salad and warm rolls and you've got yourselves a nice supper on a fall day.
Easily veganized.

“Chowder day once a week will step up the family’s nutrition and be easy on the budget.”—The Encyclopedia of Cooking Complete in 24 Volumes, Volume 6: 250 Delicious Soup Recipes (1953)


Serves 6 to 8

¼ lb fat salt pork or bacon, cut into slices or small pieces, fried out, drained on absorbent paper, some fat left in saucepan or deep skillet, or vegan butter (for a vegan soup)

1 onion, sliced

3 C potatoes, peeled, quartered, boiled 10 minutes, drained, 2 C cooking liquid reserved

2 C corn, cut from cob if fresh, thawed if frozen, drained if canned

4 C hot milk (can use almond milk for a vegan soup)

½ tsp salt

Dash pepper

Chopped parsley

Add onion to hot fat in a stock pot and cook until tender. Add potatoes, hot potato cooking water, corn, and hot milk, season with salt and pepper, and heat to boiling. Simmer a few minutes until potatoes and corn are tender. Garnish with parsley and serve.

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